Precision Pipe Lifter – the new way to move pipe

The Precision Pipe Lifter is the newest pipe lifting attachment available today.  With its state of the art design that has been proven to lift and move pipe more efficiently than ever before, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to operate and manoeuvre.   Manufactured from high grade steel, the Precision Pipe Lifter was created to be one of the safest ways to lift pipe, reducing the risk of operator injury.

Adjustable to suit a range of configurations

The Precision Pipe Lifter has been designed to suit a range of pipe lifting configurations.  It can also lift a variety of different pipe materials and concrete culverts which assists in getting trucks unloaded quickly and efficiently.

Whether its storm water pipes or several box culverts, the range of configurations is impressive.  You can view all of the Precision Pipe Lifter specifications here.

Safety is our number one priority

With safety as the number one priority for drivers and operators, it is essential to ensure that the equipment being used will reduce or eliminate workplace injury.  The Precision Pipe Lifter has been designed to remove the driver or crane operator from the immediate vicinity of the pipe or culvert as it is being lifted from the truck bed and placed onto the ground or storage facility.  The likelihood of crush injuries is vastly reduced and the operator has full view of the crane, pipes and surrounding area.

Precision Pipe Lifter 4 pipes
Precision Pipe Lifter 5 pipes
Precision Pipe Lifter 1 pipe
Precision Pipe Lifter 3 pipes